Walden Oaks League Play

You will play more golf:   In league play there is just more reason to play every week. 

First, the competition in league play brings an added level of motivation to get out play. 

Recognition from other golfers when you finish atop the leader board is great, but what really can get you out more often was all the new opportunities to play with a much larger group of people.

Any time I wanted to play a round of golf, I could, thanks to my golf league.

You will play better golf: If you have confidence in your game, and even if you don’t, the one thing that you can be sure of is the simple act of playing more will improve your game.  This especially goes for the one round a month or less type of golfer. More than that, when you play in competition your focus improves, and you now have goals when you are on the course. 

You think more strategically about your game and your decision making.  Over time you do more of the little things well.  In short, you will get better by playing more often in competition.

Your league will bring you closer to new friends and old ones: Camaraderie is one of the biggest reasons to play in a league golf.  The time honored tradition of discussing your round with the golfers you played with and the good natured banter about both successes and failures gets better with more friends and league mates in attendance. 

Let’s face it, the shared experience of a golf game can bring together people who otherwise would not have anything in common.  The camaraderie of a good golf league may be the best reason to start or play in one.      


You will have more fun playing golf: I love the old saying that “a bad day of golf beats a good day at the office any day.”

This is never more true than in league play.  We are taught as children that competition offers the opportunity to learn and improve at whatever sport we are playing.  So even if your losing, sometimes badly, you get much more out of the round than with just a casual game.  Besides, you will relish the likely abuse you will get afterwards.

Here Are The Leagues

Monday Night – 281 Bowl Ladies League – Contact Kristi Coye 543-0710

Monday Night – Walden Oaks Mixed League – Contact Marcus Bernardo 423-4366 or Shawn Hubbard 607-753-9452 

Tuesday AM – Senior Mens League – Contact Bill Swisher 756-7075

Tuesday Night – Two Man League – Contact Marcus Bernardo 423-4366 or Shawn Hubbard 607-753-9452 

Wednesday Night – Walden Oaks Four Man League – Contact Marcus Bernardo 423-4366 or Shawn Hubbard 607-753-9452 

Thursday AM – Mens Senior Sign In League – Contact Bill Swisher 756-7075

Thursday Night – Bruce Brown Builders Mens League – Contact John Simon 315-439-8893

Call contact person on each league for availability.


Course Statistics: 18 hole championship golf course ~ Front Nine – Par 35, Back Nine – Par 36 = 71. Four sets tee markers: Blue-Pro, White-Men, Red-Women & Yellow-Senior. Bent grass greens, watered tees, fairways and greens.

3369 Walden Oaks Boulevard

Cortland, New York 13045

Telephone: (607) 753-9452